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Who We Are

Bogsonic Transporting SRL is a young and dynamic organization with more than 20 years of experience in Europe, in the field of road, sea and air freight transport, as well as other warehousing, distribution, customs commissioning, special cargo projects and courier services, we have sales agencies Bulgaria, Turkey, Greek, Germany, Romania, and Belgium, in the important thing is to thank all our clients through the professionalism, promptitude and inter-human relationship that is created automatically from the moment the first transport order is signed.

What we do for you and your company ?

We try looking a safe, fast and cheap freight forwarding solution by air, by sea, by road, we provide you excellence services for customs clearance, warehousing and distribution . We guarantee that your freight will unloading in time and first of all in safe conditions.

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose as your freight partner

Each customer need individual solution

For each customer we provide personal solutions for his transporting needing. We guarantee S.A.F.E and cheap transport fee Write us an e-mail at :

Track & Trace Facilityes

We use our track & trace system erp for each customer , by searching on our web site in connection with GPS of our fleet and our partners fleet. It s very simple, Just introduce your transport agreement number into our track and trace searching box and you will see your in time cargo

Freight Forwarding Partners Payment Options

We pay our partners with 3 options :Fast Faster Fastest, depends of they s needing we use : unloading payment, 30 days payments, 60 days payments, 90 days payments.  We have Payment Guarantee by our bank and our insurance

Compliance Solutions

Our compliance department resolve in time all problems in 12/24 hours from your request and this it s all
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